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Free Site Tools
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Make Money!
Merles World
BIG $$$...

Earn outstanding site income by offering your visitors FREE email news about 300 popular topics. All news articles are paid sponsor messages sent to subscribers who enroll at your site into various topics they select. You receive half of net revenue generated from messages sent to your subscribers. It's simple, easy, and reader response is high since it's all free and so many topics are available:

  • 2,000+ affiliate site network generates amazing news service income.
  • Potential $10-$60 CPM ad rates far outperform CPMs of other networks.
  • 3% to 27% of readers respond due to so many free & useful topics.
  • Flexible promotion policy allows customized text links, banners & forms.
  • Retain traffic at your site with interactive enrollment forms.
  • Residual ad revenue is generated from cumulative enrolled subscribers.

Email Network Grosses $6,500,000+ Monthly Ad Sales

Partner sites simply send subscribers to the free news service, and the full time sales force generates income from sponsor messages sent to your subscribers. Your net ad fees range from $.025-$.09 per subscriber for each message with one or two notes per month sent to popular lists. This adds up very quickly!

Typically, readers may enroll into 10 or more lists each. If you persuade visitors to select more lists, the more income they'll generate for your site. You're allowed to promote the lists as you see fit except that all enrollments must be truly voluntary.

Several major sites are members of the list network such as:
AltaVista,, CMPnet, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc...
They know the power of this proven system and have put it to work at their sites.

Theme Matched News Forms Get Up to 27% Response Rates:
Get News of Free Stuff, Computer Bargains, Software & More!
Select Topics You're Interested In Below (300 More Topics...)
Free Stuff
Gift Ideas
Free Catalogs
Games, Puzzles
Movies & TV
PC Bargains
Computer News
Health, Nutrition
Discount Travel
Gaming, Gambling Work at Home
Busines Opprtnity
Join Now! Enter Email Addr:  
  • Earn high advertising revenue by offering your visitors free news with opt-in email list forms. Enrollment application responses vary, but a $60 CPM ad display rate for a $2 lifetime income level is possible. That's outstanding compared to a vast majority of ads!

  • Quality news announcements are sent to the lists as messages from sponsors paying 5 to 35 cents per subscriber for every message. We split the net income with you.

    Sample articles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

  • With 280,000,000 subscriptions and 32,000,000 users, the lists are utilized by major sponsors such as:
     • AT&T
     • Microsoft
     • Wall Street Journal

  • Use enrollment forms at your site without losing traffic! Most readers enroll in 10 or more out of 300 Popular Topics Available. Custom forms can be tailored to fit your site theme.

Monthly Income Level Projection
Basis: 25 Daily Subscribers Into 10 Lists Each
(Data from Current 2,000+ Affiliate Sites)
Month 1
Month 3
Month 6
Month 9
Month 12 & higher
$53 for Month 1
$245 for Month 3
$729 for Month 6
$1,137 for Month 9
$1,298 for Month 12
Ratio Values Above For Your Monthly Visitors
Possible Enrollments = Up to 27% Of Unique Visitors
Effective Ad Display CPM = $60-$540 With Theme Forms
  • A full-time sales staff will broker your lists to sponsors & we'll split net revenue with you 50-50. The more people you enroll, the higher your income grows since revenue is cumulative for multiple ads sent to each subscriber.

  • The projected income table tells the whole story: opt-in news lists offer a higher income option compared to a vast majority of other sponsor options!

  • Marketers that have used the list network have generated response rates as high as 5 to 23 percent and sales as great as $50,000 in a single day.

  • That's why the list service has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, DM News, Advertising Age and others. It works great for both publishers & advertisers!

We invite you to join our 2,000+ network affiliates today! It's free, quick and easy to get started in 5 minutes. Note that you'll get an account with your list activity updated online.

For further info, you may contact:
Scott Gilley of, LLC at 1-800-553-4305 or 1-256-881-4832

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