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This Contest Has Expired - See Contests Page For Latest News

Correct Answers and Winner...

The Puzzle Depot is pleased to bring you the 12th PUNZZLES Contest for those who love word puzzles. PUNZZLES are configurations of letters, numbers, words, lines and symbols that translate into familiar words, phrases or expressions. They can also represent movies, TV shows, names, book or song titles and sporting events, among other things. In short, PUNZZLES will stretch your brain for hours of fun, enjoyable puzzle solving! Visit the PUNZZLES Page to see solution instructions and examples.

Contest Rules and Prize Selection

The prizes offered in the PUNZZLES Contest are shown on our Rules and Prizes Page.
  • Contest entry is free and is open to all persons except business associates of A2zNews.com, LLC. and FS Enterprises.
  • The contest consists of 25 PUNZZLES and 1 Super PUNZZLE (No. 26 is more diffcult).
  • All puzzle solution entries will be reviewed and a random selection made from the all-correct entries.
  • If no all-correct entries are received, the winning entry will be determined by the most correct answers.
  • Entries must be received by noon Eastern Daylight Time on June 30, 1997.
  • Correct solutions and the winning entrant's name will be posted after the conclusion of the contest.
  • Postal mail entries will also be accepted at FS Enterprises, Punzzles Dept., P.O. Box 309, North Conway, NH 03860.
  • FS Enterprises (creator of PUNZZLES) will be the sole judge of all entries.

Contest PUNZZLES (Place Answers In The Form Areas)


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1)                                     2)
        H     H                                 LSITNAEYS
        E D G E                                 LSITNAEYS

       (3 words)                                (4 words)


3)                                     4) 
            ACTI  VITY                         +--------------+
           AC TI VI T Y                        |C             |
          A C TI  VI T Y                       |O             |
         A C T I  V I T Y                      |W             |
         A C T I  V I T Y                      |B             |
         A C T I  V I T Y                      |U             |
          A C TI  VI T Y                       |L             |
           AC TI VI T Y                        |L             |
            ACTI  VITY                         |S             |
             ACTIVITY                          |T             |
                                               |E             |
                                               |E             |
                                               |R             |

         (3 or 4 words)                        (3 or 4 words)


5)                                    6)
           B                                 O$N
         B O W

       (1 words)                           (3 words)


7)                                    8)
       |    S P R I N|G                   3:00 pm NATIONAL
       |            I|                     
       |        S P R|I N G               
       |        P   P|                     
       |        R   S|                     

          (6 words)                         (2 words)


9)                                   10)
       C E N T                              
             E                               NO IT YOU

       (1 word)                              (4 words)


11)                                  12)
      V O L                                TALE OF TWO CITIES
            U                                R
              M                              U
                E                            C

      (4 words)                              (6 words)


13)                                  14)
         SSERDDA                                   FORK
                                           KNIFE          SPOON

        (2 words)                                (1 word)


15)                                  16)                       
         S S                                
       R O O F                               WNOaUCNlD
         L L
         D D
      (5 words)                              (4 words)


17)                                 18)
       |           IT|  
       |           IT|                   ---------------------------
       |           IT|                   GROUND GROUND GROUND GROUND
       |           IT| 
       |           IT|
          (3 words)                              (5 words)

19)                                 20)
         PaIN                              LANG4UAGE

       (3 words)                           (2 words)


21)                                 22)
       |        |                           13
       |      SP|IT                        ----
       |        |                           DO   

       (3 words)                        (4 words)


23)                              24)
      SYLVESTER STALLONE                +----------+
      ------------------                |          |
             THE                        |   COME   | FIND
                                        |   COME   |
                                        |          |

          (3 words)                       (4 words)



       (1 word)                           


26)  (Super Punzzle)              

       (4 words)


The Winner and Answers For Contest 12

Winner = F. Blair King of the United States
We thank all 74 of those who entered this contest. The winning entry had a score of 22 out of 26 and was the earliest submitted. Blair chose the POKO Board Game as a prize.

Here are the answers: (multiple correct answers separated by new lines under same number)

 1)  He's on edge
 2)  Stay (in) between the lines
 3)  A beehive of activity
 4)  A side of beef
 5)  Crossbow
 6)  Cash in on
 7)  Spring is busting out all over
 8)  National pastime
 9)  Centerfold
10)  Before you know it
11)  Turn down the volume
12)  Curl up with a good book
13)  Return address
14)  Forklift
15)  Sales are through the roof
16)  Salt in the wound
17)  It's all right
18)  Cover a lot of ground
19)  A little pain
20)  Foreign language
21)  Spit it out
22)  Do a number on
23)  On the sly
24)  Come to find out
25)  Cheerleaders
26)  See eye to eye

Additional details may be found on the Contests Page.

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