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PUNZZLES Are Word Puzzles With A Twist

FS Enterprises introduces PUNZZLES for those who love word puzzles. PUNZZLES are configurations of letters, numbers, words, lines and symbols that translate into familiar words, phrases or expressions. They can also represent movies, TV shows, names, book or song titles and sporting events, among other things. In short, PUNZZLES will stretch your brain for hours of fun, enjoyable puzzle solving!

Try The Fun PUNZZLES Contests!

The Puzzle Depot is pleased to bring you the FS Enterprises PUNZZLES Contests for those who love word puzzles. Play for nice prizes while enjoying these fun puzzles!

PUNZZLES Offer Hours of Challenging Fun!

You must translate configurations of letters, lines and symbols into familiar phrases. Sometimes certain "rules" must be applied to determine the solution. For instance:

1)    WEAR                           2)
      ----                               KLAT

These translate into 1) Long Underwear and 2) Back Talk (spelled backwards, get it?). Pretty simple, eh? But be careful because just when you think you've got the hang of it the rules can change. Also, sometimes possessive pronouns such as my, your, his, etc., are assumed as part of the answer, for instance:

3)    NOT                           4)
      ----                              MDOLTEIIOFN

These translate into 3) Not On Your Life and 4) Backfield in Motion (Field spelled backwards, in the word Motion). Each PUNZZLE always gives enough information to figure out the answer without the missing pronouns.

Some PUNZZLES are located in and around boxes such as the one below:

5)  +----------------------------+
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |Y                           |
    |N                           |
    |N                           |
    |U                           |
    |S                           |
    |                            |
    |                            |

The words, letters, etc., that make up these almost always have to do with location. The answer to this one is 5) Sunny Side Up. This is derived from Sunny spelled upward, on the side of the box. The answers to this type usually include the words In, Out, Up, Down, Side and so on. They are usually positional words.

Try Some PUNZZLES On Your Own

Here are a few to test your mettle against, with the answers shown at the bottom of this page. The books are much more nicely formatted than what the Web allows us to show here.

1)  SMOKE   2)  + DEEF   3)  WEATHER   4)  SSSSSSSSSS MATCH   
    SMOKE                    -------
    SMOKE                       a


6) +--------------------+ 7) +--------------------+
   |                    |    |       S    S       |
   |                    |    |       T    T       |
   |N                  N|    |       A    A       |
   |E                  E|    |       I    I       |
   |E                  E|    |       R    R       |
   |D                  D|    |       S    S       |
   |                    |    |                    |
   |                    |    |      ME    NT      |
   |                    |    |                    |
   +--------------------+    +--------------------+

 8) +--------------------+
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |       jack         |
    |       ----         |
    |        HER         |
    |                    |
    |                    |		
                              2. ABCDEFGHIJK MNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Order PUNZZLES Today For Yourself or As A Gift!

PUNZZLES books make excellent holiday gifts or party pastimes! Priced at only $3.95 each (US funds) with a Buy 5, Get 1 Free discount.

PUNZZLES Are Available In 10 Individual Books:

  • 100 PUNZZLES Per Book
  • Full Sized 8-1/2 by 11 inch Format (25 Pages Each)
  • Each Book Provides Hours of Brain Stretching Challenge
  • Hints and Instructions with Solutions Included
  • See An Actual Picture of Book 2

You May Call 1-800-553-4305 To Order With Visa, MC, Amex

If you feel more comfortable calling in your order, you may do so 24 hours, 7 days a week. With our low prices, the PUNZZLES booklets are both affordable and an incredible value!

Would You Like To Request Info Via Postal Mail Response?

To have an info package sent to your postal address, send an email message as follows:
Address = Email us
Subject = "PUNZZLES Info Request"
Message = (Your Postal Address)

Or fill in the following form:


To Order Via Postal Mail, Send Order Form Below (Visa, MC, Amex Accepted)

If you would like to order these challenging puzzles for gifts or yourself, please mail the order form and payment (Check, Money Order or Credit Card Info) in U.S. funds made payable to FS Enterprises. Remember, they are only $3.95 US each with a Buy 5, Get 1 Free discount.

FS Enterprises
Punzzles Dept.
P.O. Box 309
North Conway, NH 03860

                   PUNZZLES Order Form

   Please Check All of The PUNZZLES Books You Are Ordering
         Remember, You May Buy 5 and GET ONE FREE!

( ) 1    ( ) 3    ( ) 5    ( ) 7    ( ) 9
( ) 2    ( ) 4    ( ) 6    ( ) 8    ( ) Sports

                                    Price   Quantity    Total
                                   ------   --------   --------

Each PUNZZLES Book                 $3.95    ________   ________

Ship/Handling (Up to 6 Books)  ( ) $4.50 to US Address ________

Surface mail outside of U.S.  Add $  5.00
Air Mail outside of U.S.         Add $ 15.00

Surface Mail Oustide of US    ( ) $5.00 outside of US  ________

Air Mail Outside of US        ( ) $5.00 outside of US  ________

S/H for each additional book       $0.75    ________   ________

Prices are in US funds only.                     Total:

( ) Amex ( ) Visa ( ) Mastercard  


Exp. Date:__________ Name on Card:_______________________________
Authorization Signature:_________________________________________

(Please type "Transaction Authorized" above if eMail is used.)




City, State:__________________________________________________

Zip or Postal Code:___________________________________________


Phone No:______________________ Fax No:_______________________ 

eMail Addr:___________________________________________________

Answers to Example PUNZZLES

  1. Smokestack
  2. Positive Feedback
  3. A Little Under The Weather
  4. Tennis Match
  5. Uncle Sam Needs You
  6. Marginal Needs
  7. Downstairs Apartment
  8. Little Jack Horner Sat In A Corner
  9. Just Between Friends
  10. The First Noel

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