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Contest Prize Selection

The prizes offered in the Puzzle Depot Contests are a choice of one of the following:

General Puzzle Depot Contest Rules

The Puzzle Depot is pleased to bring you fun, exciting and rewarding Contests on the Web. We run the contests according to the following rules to keep them enjoyable for all:
  • Contest entry is free and is open to all persons except business associates of A2zNews.com, LLC..
  • The contests consist of various types of puzzles with individual scoring rules for each one.
  • All puzzle solution entries will be reviewed. The first received all-correct entry will be declared the winner.
  • If no all-correct entries are received, the winning entry will be determined by the entrant with the most correct answers. If multiple entries are received with the highest number of correct answers, the winner will be determined to be the entrant who submitted their entry first.
  • Entries must be received by 12:00 Noon Eastern Daylight Time on the deadline date given for each contest.
  • Correct solutions and the winning entrant's name will be posted after the conclusion of each contest.
  • A2zNews.com, LLC. or designated agents will be the sole judge(s) of all entries.

Entry Submission Methods

You may use the form input areas below the contest puzzle(s) to submit your answers if your browser supports forms. If not, you may send the answers as follows:
  • Postal Mail Entries Will Be Accepted At:
    A2zNews.com, LLC.
    1001 Cassandra Ave
    Huntsville, AL 35802-3207

  • Email Entries Should Be Sent To: [email protected].

    Set Subject To: "XXXXXX Contest Entry" (XXXXXX=Contest Title)

    Please arrange your answers in text format as shown below.

Full Name: Jon Doe
Email Address: [email protected]

Ans 1 Aardvark 
Ans 2 Bear 
Ans 3 Camel

(Numbers must be matched to crossword puzzle numbering for ACROSS 
 and DOWN grid identifiers.)

We look forward to your participation - Good Luck!

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