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News List Affiliate FAQ

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  • Get paid to offer your visitors free news with opt-in email lists. Most visitors will be interested in 12 or more with 300 topics available.

  • Gather enrollments directly at your own site using customized forms like these:

     Free Stuff
     Work at Home
     Online Income
  • News articles are sent to the lists as paid messages from sponsors paying 10 to 35 cents per subscriber for every message sent. Your income builds as you add new subscribers.

  • As our affiliate, your lists will be brokered to sponsors while splitting the net ad revenue with you 50-50. The more people you sign up, the higher your income grows.

  • It's Free and Easy to get started: Click Here
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Why Be An Affiliate?

Earn 50% of our profit, that's why!

Enroll for a free account, insert the simple HTML into your site, and you are off and running!

Visitors to your site are encouraged to join 100% opt-in email mailing lists on dozens of topics. If they join, their names are held securely in our database. Mailings to those names will be offered to brand name clients for a fee. Because it is an 'opt-in' service, the subscriber email addresses are never given out, and they can unsubscribe at any time.

Every time a subscriber you've referred has a paid mailing sent to him, you'll get 50% of the profit that PuzzleDepot.Com receives for that name. You receive the 50% of PuzzleDepot.Com's profit every single time it is rented, for an entire year!

Based on our long opt-in email track record, earning 50% of our profit means you'll be earning as much as $2 or more per name. 10,000 unique names could translate into $20,000 for you over time. By way of example, to earn the same $20,000 with Amazon's affiliate program, you'd have to sell $250,000 worth of books!

Sounds great!

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