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Request A Free Reciprocal Text Link

Thank you for your interest in exchanging a reciprocal site link with the Puzzle Depot site, which is managed by A2zNews.com, LLC. We offer free text links with sites that have pages dedicated to:

  • Books Relating To Games, Puzzles and Trivia
  • Contests That Award Prizes
  • Games: Logic, Strategy and Classic Board Games
  • Links to Crosswords, Scrabble, Misc. Shareware
  • Puzzles of Various Types
  • Software For Game Playing
  • Trivia Products

Exchange Procedure

We offer free text links, up to 15 words each, on the pages listed above. We request that:

  1. You add a link for Puzzle Depot to your site first using the following HTML snippet choices.
  2. Fill in the form below with your site details.
  3. We'll then visit to confirm our link addition.
  4. We'll add your link after verification.

Puzzle Depot HTML Link Code Snippet Choices

  • Your Site Has Puzzles, Games and Contest Related Pages:

    Aboard PuzzleDepot.Com: Test your brain on free crosswords, puzzles, logic games, trivia contests for prizes.

  • Your Site Has Education or Shareware Related Pages:

    Academic and Recreational Crosswords: Solve Challenging Puzzles Online and Even Build Your Own!

Your Site Data Input

Please input your site data into the form below to make the link exchange quick and easy:

1. Your Name:
2. Your Email:
3. Your Site Title:
4. Your Site URL:

5. Your Desired HTML Link Snippet (15 words total):

6. Puzzle Depot Link Page Desired:

7. URL of Puzzle Depot Link Location On Your Site:


We'll verify our link at your site and then post yours...

Other Advertising and Link Exchange Options

Puzzle Depot Banner Link Ads...

We offer banner ad links to existing Web sites for those who wish to direct Puzzle Depot readers to their sites. Powerful ad management software allows us to provide several benefits to the client:

  • Pricing May Be Based On A Per Impression or Actual Click-Through Basis
  • Statistics Are Tracked For Impression Versus Click-Through Responses
  • Predetermined Blocks Of Impressions Or Click-Throughs May Be Purchased
  • Status Reports Are Emailed To Client During The Ad Run Period
  • Ads Are Displayed Throughout The Site In Rotation Queues

Join The Puzzle Ring

Web rings allow sites with similar themes to share reader traffic. If you have a puzzle related site, the Puzzle Ring offers a free way of sharing readers with other sites in the ring. You will need to add special HTML code to allow the central server to manage the URL link setup shown below:

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How To Contact Us

For an estimate on marketing your products or Web site banner ads, please contact us via email, phone or postal mail. We continuosly monitor our email account for customer feedback and assistance, so please feel free to utilize this avenue for quick response.

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