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Trivia Blitz!

Standard Edition

Trivia Blitz is fun, easy to play, and it's free. You're shown a series of triva questions. The quicker you answer them, the higher your score.

Get more than 1500 points and you're eligible for a $25 prize drawing!
Make sure to register your information with Uproar, since you could win $250! You can also play other games to win more prizes.

Questions are updated each Monday, so come back every week for more questions and more prizes!

Sorry, but you need a Java-enabled browser to play Trivia Blitz.

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PUNZZLES Are Word Puzzles With A Twist

FS Enterprises introduces PUNZZLES for those who love word puzzles and trivia tidbits. PUNZZLES are configurations of letters, numbers, words, lines and symbols that translate into familiar words, phrases or expressions. Try some fun examples to see how challenging they are!

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