Test Your Brain Power On The YOT Puzzle

Experts Baffled By Its Secret!

"I tried magnets..." says Teller of Penn and Teller Magicians

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!® features YOT as baffling marvel

Can You Solve The Mystery and Open It?

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This enigmatic mind puzzle utilizes a basic principle of physics that challenges the brain power of both young and old with its simplicity and style.

Do you have the logical thought, intuition and imagination required to open it? Can you solve the YOT's mysterious secret?

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museums feature the YOT as a baffling marvel. You can Believe It!

YOTs are delivered with either a standard medallion coin or an optional US Eisenhower 'silver' dollar shown here. YOT is perfect as a showcase for a treasured collectible coin or silver dollar with sentimental value!

Call In Your YOT Order For $24.95 + s/h
(MasterCard and Visa accepted)

PuzzleDepot.Com has arranged a special $5 discount off the normal $29.95 price for our readers. Just tell the operators that you saw the YOT at PuzzleDepot.Com to receive your $5 discount.

Call 1-800-99-MOUSE Toll Free, or 1-626-308-4400
Hours = 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time
(Order Online During After Hours)

You must mention the code 'PuzzleDepot.Com' to get the $5 discount. Pricing and option information are shown below for reference while ordering.

  Order Info and Shipping Method
Item Price Quantity Total Price
YOT with Medallion Coin $24.95 $
US Einsenhower Silver Dollar $1.00 $
Sales Tax for CA Residents
(Apply to YOT & silver dollar cost)
8.25% $
Ground Shipping Within US
(Typically 5 to 10 business days)
$4.00 $
2-Day Shipment Upgrade in US
(2 Business Days)
$2.00 $
International Shipping
(We'll contact you if $10 is insufficient)
$10.00 $
Additional YOT Shipping Charge
(Apply to multiple YOT shipment)
$1.00 $
Prices in US Funds Only   Total: $

If you have difficulty getting through to our phones, please contact us as follows or select an alternate order method shown at left.

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